What I know of Luca Malgeri’s work makes him, in my eyes, a very intriguing artist.
Objectively he is original compared to the research lines of the young contemporary Italian artists.

His work always has a kind of double register. On one hand he has an attention and an unconventional glance, everything in his personal vision looks like myth – art, artists, fashion and power, above all power of suggestion that those things seem to represent. On the other hand his will of intervention that measures itself through its capacities, intended like the result of a forming process, built on attitudes, sensibility and direct experiences is jealously personal.

On these two registers Malgeri sets his work, producing works that, instead of settling, maintains the differences that often appear like frictions. It is right on these frictions that the most characterising aspect of his art resides; related to the minority, the clandestine, the unsuited, the unexpected and the surprising. He was born in the suburbs, his subsequent and irregular displacement toward the centres didn’t alter and still does not alter the relation that each time he tries to establish with his surroundings. This relationship retains a prudent approach
rather than an acculturated appropriation, in self-respect and respect of the others without interruption.

By using different techniques, from photography to drawing, from installation to collage, he sustains this development and makes it light and autonomous from every point of view.

Pier Luigi Tazzi, 2005.

1974, Reggio di Calabria, IT


2001 - 2003
Program in Visual Arts, IUAV, Faculty of Arts and Design, Venice, IT
Advanced Course in Visual Arts, Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como, IT
1996 - 2000
Department of Painting, Academy of Fine Arts, Florence, IT

Professional Experience

Artist marathon, Institut fur Raumexperimente, Universität der Kunste, Berlin, DE
Freelance, Tree trunk tuble project , studio O. Eliasson, Berlin, DE
Performance with Marina Abramovic, Marienbad, Arte all'Arte, Volterra, IT
1999 - 2001
Art Editions planning and production, Società d'Arte San Zanobi, Florence, IT
Performance with Fura Del Baus, Memoria Proyecto, Girona, ES